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Hey guys! So I have always loved creative writing but for most of my life I was ashamed of my desire to write. I didn’t want to be another one of those aspiring writers that was never good enough to have her work published! What a waste of time!

As much as I tried to stay away from creative writing, however, I found myself always coming back. So I’ve decided to go with it. If I’m going to write, I might as well share my writing with others! Not to say that I haven’t put tons and tons of work into my writing to make it the best I can for your enjoyment! (Because I have). And so, as I am starting out on this journey, I invite you to come along with me and I will share my ups and downs and the ins and outs of what I learn about the process of getting published!

Works In Progress

Below you will see the works I am currently working on. Hopefully one day this will become my published novel section! Until then, go ahead and take a look at my works in progress.

Works Coming Soon…

Lies of the Haven

 Mina is just an average teenage girl, or so she thinks until a dragon destroys her grandmother’s home. She finds herself in the middle of a feud between two rival faerie groups who claim she could either be their long lost queen or their all powerful faerie general. No big deal, because Mina knows exactly how to be an all powerful queen, or, uh, general….

She is whisked away to the Haven, where she begins to learn about what it means to be faeriekind. But Mina’s never been good at leading. Her skills are nothing compared to the intense soldier boy, Arius, who seems to be good at everything. Not to mention the clever and distant Nuada, who raised the faeries of the Haven and has Arius’s total loyalty. 

But Nuada has been hiding a dark past. Mina is determined to expose her and unite the feuding faeries. But will any of it matter if she can’t win the faeries’ trust? And how can she convince them of anything when she doesn’t even know who she is?

Journey Towards Publishing

I am sending out a monthly newsletter detailing my journey towards getting published. What will it take in the end? A whole lot of tears, stretching and, of course, determination. What will it look like in the end? Traditional or self-publish? I don’t know yet. Find out with me by signing up for my newsletter below!

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Jenni Curtis

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